Callan's Squire


Did you know? Della is…

  • from a family in fealty to Callan’s.
  • was born as a dreg.
  • has a temper and gets in a lot of fights.
  • was taught weapons only because she was no good as a scullery maid.
  • was pretty much on her last chance when Callan made her a squire.

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Full-length portrait of Della.


Della has always skated by on her last chance, more or less. Born a dreg and sent to work in the scullery, she was a disaster. There was no problem with her work, she’d perform the tasks asked of her, and was fine at cleaning dishes. But she would not fake respect for the senior scullery maids that she didn’t like, and as a consequence they picked on her a lot. She’d respond to that treatment by attacking them, and lots of dishes got broken.

Finally her lord decided to just put her in the program for his men at arms, figuring someone who liked to fight that much could at least be valuable as cannon fodder. This actually slowed down her inappropriate fighting only a little. Still unwilling to take taunting from her peers, Della got into fights with the other trainees off the training yard on a regular basis. Since she wasn’t very popular, she didn’t win a lot of them.

When Callan began her questing, the fortress Della grew up in was the Dame’s first stop. She witnessed the girl get in a fight, and get disciplined for it. She asked about Della, and got an abbreviated version of the girl’s story. Curious, Callan spoke to Della and noted that the girl would be respectful to her social superiors.

So Callan asked the local lord if she could take Della as her squire. The lord was happy to be rid of a troublemaker, and gave his blessing, after making sure that Callan knew what she was getting into.

Della stayed in that fortress just long enough to get outfitted in what her new mistress determined was appropriate gear, and then they were off. Della managed to get into one last fight during that time, and was incredibly surprised that she was still Callan’s squire afterwards. Her mistress disapproved not of the fight, but of the fact that Della lost. When Della protested that the fight had been three on one, Callan just shrugged.

“I expect you to win the hard fights, as well as the easy ones.”

Not sure what to think of her new mistress, but excited to be treated like someone who mattered, Della set out, looking forward to her new life.


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