Endure. In enduring, grow stronger.


Did you know? Callan is…

  • born into the bloodline of Errdin.
  • the third daughter of five daughters and the fifth child of nine children.
  • an Abyssal Dame who has passed the Trials.
  • has a dreg-born squire named Della.
  • bearer of the void sword Rapture.
  • intolerant of complainers, cowards, and sweet jams.
  • tall for a woman, taller than many men.
  • green-eyed and even-tempered, but completely hopeless at cards and dice.
  • not interested in being a notch on anyone’s bedpost.
  • wishing someone would court her, for all that.

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Full-length portrait of Callan.


When she was young, Callan was not her family’s first choice to bear their standard as a knight. She was strong, and quick of course, for she was no dreg. But she did not seem to progress as quickly as her siblings. Her only impressive quality was that she never complained. Pleased that she didn’t whine, the family weaponsmaster once asked her why she was so stoic.

“You have not yet made it hard enough.” She replied.

His pride in his student turning to anger, the weaponmaster beat her, and then demanded that she continue her exercises. He piled extra work on her, gave her inferior equipment to use. “Have I made it hard enough now?” He demanded, when Callan collapsed at his feet partway through the fifth day of the insane training.

“Yes. You have.” Callan managed, with her face in the mud. She groaned in pain, but didn’t verbalize any complaints.

Grudgingly impressed, the weaponmaster trained her hard, pushing her to the edge of collapse as often as he could, sometimes past. Callan’s siblings took note, some working harder, some secure in their belief that they were still better than she. Her parents began to hope that their third daughter might one day bring glory to the family name.

That hope was thrown into new confusion when Callan attempted the Abyssal trials. She passed, but came away from the trials with armor only, no sword, no axe, no spear gifted to her by the Abyss. She endured the mocking of her siblings and the concern of her parents calmly, then made a pilgrimage down to the Void Sea.

She took barely enough food for seven days, barely enough water. She went alone to the shore of the silver sea, and kneeled there to meditate. She fought whatever came at her, always returning to meditate after the battles. She slept a maximum of of four hours each night. It was two days of travel to the sea, and then seven days meditating, so by the end she was very hungry, and desperately thirsty.

It might have been hallucination, or revelation, but Callan felt a strong rapport with the sea at move her to action. She lowered her mundane blade into the void sea, notched and bloody from the many battles. The whole blade went in, causing Callan to submerge her gauntleted hands as well. A bright light shone forth, and she experienced something she still cannot explain or articulate. Her Abyssal armor was bleached white, and she drew forth a new blade, similar only in basic shape to what she’d had before.

Because of the experience she had, Callan named her new sword Rapture. She dragged herself home, pleased at her new weapon, and having won herself a bit of glory for herself and her family. No longer an object of concern, or scorn, Callan took her place as the first of her siblings.

She accepted the honor calmly as always, and asked her parents if she might go questing. Going out to seek one’s fortune had long been a tradition, but one not always upheld. They granted her the privilage, and this time there was no doubt or recrimination from her family. As she settled into the saddle, her mother asked her where she would go.

“I go looking for a challenge.” She said, flashing a rare smile.


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