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The power of Argent is a power of form and creation. The power is granted to those who have taken an Argent Lodestone and imbued it to their body. This is done by a user of Argent, melting the lodestone and allowing it to sink into the body’s bloodstream. It requires a significant endurance to survive the process.

Argent (25 Points)

Using Argent
Most Argent powers are touch based, requiring the caster to actually touch the earth or the item they wish to affect. Argent users have been known to spend entire fights with their hands upon the earth, using there abilities to affect the battlefield.

An Argent user can imbue items to be filled with Argent, causing them to become more durable, as well as resistant to powers.

One with the power of Argent may use their abilities to bend various materials into desired shapes. Doors can be opened, bridges created, as well as various barriers enacted. The Earth may rise up, or fall down depending upon the desires of the worker.

Flesh of Argent
The Argent users very blood has been turned to silver, and when effects are attempted to be used against them, the Argent users endurance greatly increases there ability to resist powers. A capable Argent user may also channel parts of Argent, temporarily turning parts of his body into a silvery metal.


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