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The Power of Discord is the pure power of destruction, to merge the entropy that is the Abyss with powers of destruction, a Discord Mancer unleashes her powers to dominate a power with creative violence across the field.

Discord (20 Points)

Discord mages husband a source, of which they gather various effects that are generally hazardous. The source often contains things such as fire or lightning, but has been known to have acidic clouds or blinding gases.

The Discord Mancer can tear wholes at a target location, these tears are damaging in and of themselves. This tearing may be followed by forcing various effects from the Discord Mancer’s source through them.

The Discord Mancer embraces Discord, retreating into the source. The process of doing this is to swirl tears around oneself until you are pulled into the Source. You may then depart to the location that your source is tethered too.

Areas near tears become less stable, making more complicated power effects more difficult. A Mancer may attempt to increase the level of Dissonance in an area as well.


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