Errdin Code of Honor

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  • This code is sworn to by Callan.

Prowess: To strive for excellence in physical and martial pursuits. To never hide one’s abilities out of fear or convenience. To test one’s strength in worthy combats.

Courage: To face fear and only allow it to warn, never control. To stand as an example of a bold and confidant knight.

Nobility: To act in accordance with the dignity of a knight’s station. To lead, inspire, and be an example to all those under your protection.

Largesse: To support and protect those that are pledged to your house. To not casually spend the resources that keep your house strong.

Honor: To maintain a standard of just behavior. To live in a way that creates a stable foundation of alliances. To be bound by your word, but think before making promises.

Scholarship: To not neglect the power of the mind. To be a leader in scholarship and administration. To not allow one’s vassals to act because your ignorance has paralyzed you.

Love: To keep family bonds always in your heart. To hold family as your highest loyalty and respect the bonds of deep affection.

Faith: To believe in the rightness of your cause. To never falter in your confidence or resolve. To be sustained by inner faith in yourself.

Errdin Code of Honor

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