Living in the Abyss

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The Abyss is a vastly different place than shadow above. The Abyss itself constantly attempts to destroy those who reside there. It is vital that a person has protection against the degrading effect of the abyss. Powerful lords of the Abyss, those who carry one of the three bloodlines are capable of traveling the trials and gaining the Nether. These lords of the Abyss, have the ability to transfer there protection to others, and it is around this concept that Abyssal Society is built.

The Lords and Ladies of the Abyss refer to the common denizens of the Abyss as Dregs. These Dregs fulfill most of the menial tasks of the Abyss. They live at the sufferance of whichever lord finds them useful enough to extend there protection. These Dregs make up the farmers and craftsmen, and most of the soldiery of the Abyss.

Each Abyssal Lord is the undisputed ruler of his lands. While Abyssal Lords are part of certain kingdoms, there is no unified leadership and it is common for the Lords to owe loyalty to various High Lords, or to none at all.

The Abyss is not simply empty, though it may appear so at first. There are great rock formations and crystal forests. Terrible beasts roam the wastes between Castles. Sturdy plants are capable of surviving in the Abyss, and occasionally areas will be entirely blocked with Blood Thorns or other plant life. Rivers flow from dark mountains towards the Void sea.

Living in the Abyss

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