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The Power of the Nether is the bloodright of the Abyssals, or at least so they claim. It is a power pulled from the heart of the Abyss, and granted to those who are strong enough to travel the Trials of the Abyss. Those who have gained the power of Nether, are known as Abyssal Knights outside of the Abyss.

The Trials test the determination of whomever dares trek them. They challenge the supplicant in three ways, they test the mind, body and endurance each separately. The trials are never the same, and are not in any specific location. When the three trials are finished the supplicant enters a ring of stones, called the Netherforge, there if he can withstand the energies that pour into him he will gain the power of the nether. In addition a suit of armor and weapons are granted to him.

Nether Lord – 35 Points

The Nether Lord may use his hands to tear reality itself, creating a temporary path between the current location and the destination. This action can be done in seconds, though the destination must be a known location, and either be in the Abyss or be a heavily corrupted area.

Nether Lords are bound to any weapon they’ve used for a significant time. With only a thought the location of the item changes returning to their hand unless held in place by something of substance.

Bore is the Nether Lords’ method of transportation outside of the Abyss. It tears towards a person or power that the Abyssal is familiar with. It is very inaccurate and destructive to shadow. A bore will wipe weak shadows out within hours of its creation. The Bore is most likely to appear somewhere that the person has spent a significant amount of time in. Bores are opened up within the floor of the Abyss, creating a tunnel that comes up in shadow. Alternately, Boring may be used to affect the terrain of the Abyss itself, pushing pieces of the earth aside.

A lord of the Nether is capable of resisting and channeling the corruption of the Abyss. He may grant his protection to others, allowing them to survive within the abyss. It’s easy to protect a few people, but the more people protected, the higher the drain.This is a drain on the Nether Lord however. Outside of the abyss, the corruption may be channeled, slowly changing it from shadow into an Abyss like form. This allows the Abyssal knight to create areas that he may rip too, and that are less easily assailable enemies.


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